How can the state pick up a simple battery charge against me? Posted on October 11, 2011

I was at a poker game and winning pretty well. A guy that was a friend of the tournament director was mouthing off something real fierce to get me to leave. I told him to watch his mouth or show me one and he stood up then I did too when the tourney director immediately came between us and grabbed me by my neck to throw me out. My friend was with me and saw him and all his friends wrap me all up and kick me out. He was my ride too, so I got on my phone to call him when the tourney director's girlfriend came outside and started screaming and slapping me to leave while I was outside. I put my other hand up as she swung and blocked her while I was on the phone and then all the same kids came outside telling me to leave. She told them that I hit her and then they all started swinging at me just as the police pulled up. Anyway, she doesn't show up to court but did write a report and lied to the cop telling him I hit her in the face because that's what everyone else was saying. Now the state is trying to pick up this simple battery charge and I don't want to get a lawyer because I didn't do anything! What should I say to inspire the state to drop it?

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