How can I sue a business for damaging my car door? Posted on August 08, 2011

My car keys were accidentally locked inside my car while I was loading things in and out. I called a towing company in which their advertisement stated they had "experts in unlocking doors." One of the associates came to the location, attempted several times and finally successfully unlocked my door. After the procedure was done I noticed he made multiple paint damages along the edges of my panel door. One of the associates over the phone told me to come by the office so they can take pictures of the damages so he could ask the driver if this was his doing. They also said that the damages may not have been done by them. Which I can assure you that it was done by them because my parents bought this car for me just three weeks ago. I also took dated (on the same day ) pictures of the damages. My fear is that they will deny my claim and say the damages weren't made by them. Today, I will stop by their office because they said they wanted me to file some papers and take their own pictures of my door. I want them to pay for the damages. If they deny, what shall I do next? If I choose to go to small claims court will my dated photos be sufficient enough to win the case? (Where was I when the associate was trying to unlock my door?) I was on the other side of the care giving him cues to where the stick was on the unlock panel inside the car. I was not aware that the stick was ruining my door at the same time. Shouldn't he have taken preventative measure to prevent this from happening if he was a professional? After all, unlocking doors is one of their expertise services? I mean people in this kind of business can't just do this kind of service and end up ruining part of your car. What are my rights in this situation?

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