How can I see my daughter again? 2 Answers as of August 15, 2016

The mother of my child and I had been together for 5 years. We split 7 months ago when she had found a new boyfriend. My daughter is 3 years old. She (Mother of my daughter) doesn't have a job and was living with her mother after the split. She took our daughter with her because I work 5 days a week. She let me have her when I had my 2 days off of work each week. Quickly it turned into 1 day a week, to every other week, to not at all. She then moved to another state and took our daughter with her. She changed her phone number, removed herself from any sort of social media, and no one has heard from her that I know. I have not been able to contact her or my daughter for the last 4 months.

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Since you were not married when the child was born, you are not a legal father until you go to court to establish yourself as one. This should have happened when the child was born or when you split. You can still do it, but will need to find a person finder to figure out where the mother and child live, to serve her legal process. If you wait until she is out of state for more than 6 months, jurisdiction will be in the state in which the child now lives. Get a lawyer asap and start this process. The lawyer can help you find a person finder.
Answer Applies to: Washington
Replied: 8/15/2016
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The Law Offices of Dave Hawkins | Dave Hawkins
You're in a bad place. Under the UCCJEA, once your daughter lives in another state for 6 months, if there is no prior court order, Wa. state no longer has jurisdiction to decide custody matters. You will first have to find her by hiring a Private Investigator and then once found, if 6 months has not lapsed, you will have to hire an attorney in Wa. If 6 mos have lapsed, you will have to hire an attorney in the state where she resides.
Answer Applies to: Washington
Replied: 8/15/2016
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