How can I retrieve my possessions and not break any laws? 1 Answers as of January 16, 2017

Can they keep me from getting my possessions from his apartment? We have lived together for 5 years. Both of our names were on the lease. He may have had my name removed recently, as I have moved out on October 4. He is unfortunately an alcoholic. But I was unable to take some of the heavy items at that time, nice things that were mine before we met. When I left I told him I would be back for them when I could, he seems okay with that but now he will not allow me to retrieve my things. He states I owe him money and will not give them back unless I give money. I don't owe him any money. I still have keys to the apartment. I have thought about letting myself when is at work and take my things that way but I know he would call the police on me. He is going to be upset regardless what I do, the cash value of my possessions would be around $2,000. There is a very nice Berkley and Gay dresser that is my main concern which was in perfect condition when I left. It was just too heavy for me to get down 2 flights of stairs when I moved. He will not talk or read any form of communication from me. I am stuck and want my possessions.

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Yes, you could get your things while he is gone. The police will view it a civil matter and will not press criminal charges. You can also take him to small claims court where he would have the option of paying the value of the furniture or give them back.
Answer Applies to: Washington
Replied: 1/16/2017
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