How can I report that my foster agency is abusing public funding? Posted on February 09, 2011

I work at a foster agency. It is a non-profit organization. I started there as office assistant and have since I worked my way to accounting department. Since being there, I learn that funding are being used inappropriately. The owner use the agency funding on his private property and bill it as maintenance expenses. Utilities paid for owner's private property are listed as utility expenses for the agency.

Annually or at initial placement, we receive Clothing allowances money foster children placed in our agency. Most of the monies we received for the foster children are not being paid to them. Only a small percentage of the children actually get the allowances because they knew to ask for it.

We have a CPA that was supposed to do audit quarterly but does not. He shows up once a month to collect his check. And once a year he did come to audit but he never question how we have so much maintenance expenses when we operate from of a rental building where the owner of the building take care of all the maintenance.

I know if I report this, I will surely be fired. If I do will I be qualified for unemployment while I seek new job? I was told when I transfer to financial department that anything that goes on in this department stays there. If I report, would that be a breach of confidentiality, a statement in which I did sign when I began my employment there prior to accounting.

If you know of where I can report this information please direct me. Thank you for any help in this matter.

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