How can I register my business without a unique address? Posted on June 10, 2011

I'm trying to start a business in Massachusetts. One of the requirements (at least in my neighborhood) is that there can only be one business per household. Since my mom already owns an LLC for her real estate, and I'm still living at this address, I'm out of luck starting a business at this address. I was wondering what my options are? I don't have the money yet to rent another space for the business. Can I open my business in Delaware instead? If so, I'd need to register as foreign entity in Massachusetts before 'doing business in Massachusetts' (which as far as I understand requires a unique address for the business as well), but I'm not sure how 'doing business' is defined. If my business is web-based software (with no need for inventory space, manufacturing, etc) and I'm not employing anyone, then does it still count as 'doing business in Massachusetts' or can I get away with just registering in Delaware for now and registering in Massachusetts later?

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