How can I protect my child custody rights? Posted on March 14, 2011

One of my children (a 7 year old boy) is strong willed. He has not listened to me and has run off from me in which I found him and he had a consequence however my ex is monitoring everything and his girlfriend is the teacher and owner of the private school they attend. I feel like they are both monitoring me. I feel like I can't share anything with their dad because he uses it against me and then threatens to take custody. I feel like the school is a conflict of interest now. What are my rights here as a single mother of 3 children. As an example, I had a birthday party at a big inflatable gym where there were many children. His girlfriend happened to be there. My 7 year old went outside to cool off and she took a picture of him on her iphone and sent it to my ex saying he was unsupervised by me.

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