How can I prevent my mom from being deported? Posted on August 11, 2011

My mom came here legally as a child and was to be filed for by her step-dad, but after he molested her she moved out and was on her own. For the past 9 months she has been incarcerated and I am less than satisfied with her lawyer. They have given us until monday to file an appeal or they are sending her back. Her case was built on the fact that she was using the social security number of a deceased woman with the same name. That case was ruled as time served and now I am just trying to do everything to keep her here. I was born here and I am all she has, she will return to Jamaica to be homeless and die, is there ANYTHING that I can do or that you can help me with. Her lawyer is requiring 4,000 dollars to take the next step. We dont have it right now, but we were hoping to set up a payment plan and he said no. I need help as soon as possible.

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