How can I prevent my HOA from changing the rules regarding bicycles? Posted on August 16, 2011

Recently my HOA (Home Owners Association) created a new rule that bicycles could only be transported on our freight elevator and could only be transported in/out of the building through the loading dock or up the ramps that cars travel on. I don't understand how they can discriminate against bicyclists specifically. I keep most of my bicycles in my condo for a reason. They’re super expensive, and I can’t risk them getting damaged or stolen from the parking garage. That being said, I would never let the elevator get damaged by one of my bicycles because that would mean one of my precious bicycles was getting damaged by the elevator! Entering the building through either the parking garage ramp or the loading dock is another issue. Let’s start with the parking garage ramp. Not only is riding up the parking garage ramp very difficult, it’s extremely unsafe. There are cars driving up the ramps and around the corners at a much faster speed than someone on a bicycle. I tried this several times when the building first opened and was almost run over by several cars. That being said, I don’t do it anymore. The next issue is entering the building through the loading dock. At night, our back alley is not a safe place. Beyond that, there is no ramp on the loading dock. It’s meant for loading and unloading trucks, not bicycles. It would be extremely difficult to carry a 50lb cruiser up the only narrow set of stairs on the loading dock. The last major issue here is that the freight elevator is for just that, freight. It can be reserved and needs to be reserved when residents are moving into or out of the building. Most of this happens during the weekend which is incidentally when most residents have free time to ride their bicycles.

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