How can I prevent my fiances account from my ex spouses unfiled taxes? Posted on August 15, 2011

In 2007, my ex-spouse withdrew her retirement out of her account. it may have been a 401k or ira, I just can't recall. We were trying to save our home and keep the marriage together. All efforts failed, so we divorced, but I was married all of 2007 to her. Our agreement was to file married but separately. I did just that and reported ALL my income and filed and went my way. She never filed and has not filed since. Now she gets an IRS notice and her bank account is levied by the state of AZ. I no longer live there. She says she is going to make an arrangement with the IRS, but I have to pay 1/2 of this even though I am just now finding out she never filed. Now I am in a new relationship with shared bank account(not married). I am retired military and so is my fiance's income. Should we have me open a new account and take me off of hers to safe guard her income? Or can AZ levy my TX acct? We are in TX currently. Currently only my ex=spouse personal bank acct has been levied by the state of AZ for non filing and pmt of 2007 taxes. I own one car and a motor home both purchased in 2007 the tax year that was not filed. The ex spouse is saying the IRS will attach my military pay, my car and MH if I do not pay 1/2 of her settled debt when she settles? I never received any notices. As far as I know I did the correct thing. Had she told me she never filed years ago, I would have asked her to file and helped with the amount owed. Now I am not working and retired and 60 yrs old and may have to go back to work if hireable. Needless to say my engagement is on hold!

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