How can I prevent child abuse from a mother on drugs in our child custody case? Posted on February 27, 2011

My daughter was taken from her mom 10/21/10,was ordered to go to drug treatment (outpatient) she got arrested 1/21/2011 heroin 7th and petty larceny we were in court 2/23/11 and no one knew of the arrest but I found it and told cps on 2/25/11 they were shocked, also in court on the 23rd she tested positive for heroin after being ordered to 'refrain from using any drugs' no one said nothing, now it got turned over to drug court. We go back again 3/2/11 what if cps doesn’t bring up the heroin and petty larceny arrest? And what if the positive test from the 23rd isnt mentioned? Also she violated an op 11/2010 I have on her now that town has a warrant on her? What do I have to do to enforce that she needs to do what she has to do she gets 'supervised' visits with my child my child is with her husbands family members long story but I am getting custody of my child. What if she goes to see child on drugs and loses control? These ‘guardians' arent qualified to understand the drug abuse and mental health problems the ex has. Also my lawyer isnt helpful AT ALL next step is to fire her I have plenty of knowledge to represent myself is that possible? The junky getting away with everything, and the judge must sleep with his eyes open because he isnt doing anything can I appeal any decisions made from the judge? Even though cps started this case? Very annoyed and cant get any answers from anyone they say 'best interest of the child' I say what is that when the mother abuses and neglects her again? I am out of New York State, thank you for much needed advice, my last dying breath I wont let this case end now my childs mental well being is at risk.

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