How can I make the landlord get rid of an unsanitary issue? Posted on July 31, 2011

I my wife and kids are living here on an extended stay in America and we’ve been here for a year and some months because we have no place to go at this time. Well we’ve been bitten by bedbugs we have pictures doctors papers and to show and still they say that what I found wasn’t a bedbug. Now something else has came about after leaving one room to another I bitten by bedbugs again I even show them the bug and again they say oh that a carpet beetle and the orkin man say that bedbugs don’t have wings. But when I looked up bedbug’s terminex said that adult bedbugs have wings but just can’t fly. And when a worker and the orkin man were putting the bed back together I saw two large amounts of blood on the bed pad and it was old and nasty. So I asked the manager for a new bed and she said it’s not going to happen so I told her again and she said the site manager was going to talk to me it’s been over a week now and still nothings changed. So my wife and I cleaned the bed with bleach and put plastic over it. But still feel uncomfortable. We are hoping that someone will please help us with this situation. It’s just not fair. Thank you.

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