How can I leave legally if I barely turned 17? 1 Answers as of June 04, 2017

I get close to $1000 a month and my room is just a little office. It doesn't even have a door. I really have no reason to live if I live here. My mom and her fiancé keep yelling at me for no reason. I clean the house and take care of their child and sometimes I wear dresses which is normal and my mom calls me a prostitute. My back has been hurting so much and she doesn't want to take me to a hospital or see anything. One day my brother came out of the bathroom looking a little pale and she went crazy wanting to call 911 because supposedly he was really sick. None of my brothers clean the house and when I tell her, she starts yelling at me that I'm lazy. Since my room doesn't have a door, the baby always walks in and moves my stuff or plays with my makeup and when I take her out, she starts crying. Her parents would yell at me that if I keep hitting her, they will kick me out of the room. My mom and her fiancé are in a bad relationship. They're on and off him hitting her or yelling at her or breaking things. I just can't live here.

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You don't say what the source of your income is, but it's not enough in most places to live on your own. Given that you are a minor, the best way to leave legally is to talk to a school counselor or another adult you trust and who is knowledgeable about what resources are available in your area. Of course, if it's really extreme you can call CPS and ask for help. Otherwise, wait until you're 18 and then leave.
Answer Applies to: Washington
Replied: 6/4/2017
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