How can I have a Temporary Custody agreement reviewed and changed? Posted on March 11, 2011

I have a few issues to handle. First, there is a Temporary Custody agreement in place as of Jan. 6, 2010. At the present time, my ex-husband is not complying with this order. I have not spoken with my daughter in over a month, yet I have allowed him to speak to the daughter who lives with me (we have joint-custody with primary custody of one child to each of us, of our 2 daughters). He also has lost his job and no longer has health insurance for either child, which is part of the temporary custody agreement as well as our child support order, which he is also not complying with. He has not paid child support since 12/7/10 and currently owes $563.29. I am not only concerned with all of this, but I want my daughter to come home and be in my primary custody again. There are many issues with the life style he is living and I even have recorded proof of HIS mother bashing him and his fiancee and confirming some of my fears. There is one other issue. When I filed for divorce I was told there would be 3 parts to it: Divorce for legal purposes, custody, and separation of property. I received notice that the divorce was granted on May 12, 2009; as mentioned, our temporary custody agreement was established Jan 6, 2010; and I have not been able to receive any info or help with the third part of the divorce. Also, originally my lawyer was asking for spousal support for me, as I was a stay at home mom and left him with everything. He had the car I was driving repossessed and then wrecked my car (was the only piece of property I owned and it was in My name!) I also left him with all of our possessions besides some pictures and clothes, including the apartment we lived in at the time. I filed for child support in July 2008 but yet didn't start receiving any payments until Sept. 2009. I feel i should be entitled to some money for that year+ that I got nothing!! Can you please help? Thank you.

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