How can I have my felony expunged? 1 Answers as of January 03, 2012

23 years ago I was convicted of passing bad checks in Georgia. Six months later I was convicted of retaining stolen property. I got probation for both but now after all this time, I desperately need to remove these from my record. I don't think I will qualify for expunging these as they are two separate convictions- not related to the same crime. What can I do? I haven't been in any trouble since, not even a DUI but the stupid mistake I made so long ago in my past still haunts me. My employment is now being effected as I had to have an FBI check done and it showed. Regardless of what my life and character has been for the past 20+ years, I cannot undo the past mistakes of a dumb 20 year old kid. What can I do? What are my options in Ohio and Georgia.

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If everything happened in Georgia, then your only remedy is in Georgia. You should consult with an attorney in Georgia and see if the two felonies can be considered part of the same action. For example, in Ohio, if two offenses are part of the same course-of-conduct, you can expunge both offenses however, if they are unrelated in time or nature (i.e. a theft offense and a separate robbery), then they are usually not expungeable. As I am not sure about Georgia's laws, you should check with an attorney or court official there to see if you are eligible. Your other option would be to apply for a pardon of both offenses. Once again, this would have to be done in Georgia, and would usually go through their parole or pardon board. You would probably need to show the Governor's Office or Parole Board how you've turned your life around and how these offenses are negatively impacting your now law-abiding life.
Answer Applies to: Ohio
Replied: 1/3/2012
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