How can I get a strangulation charge dropped? 3 Answers as of February 05, 2014

My boyfriend got into an argument, after 6 years I caught him cheating on me and I kind of freaked out! Well words were said and actions were made. I started to have an anxiety attack in the midst of the argument and I started hyperventilating. Somebody grabbed me from behind in a head lock and I freaked out and passed out for a moment. I thought it was him who grabbed me but it wasn't it was his sister. I figured this out on my own later that night. She didn't grab me with intent to hurt me she grabbed me to calm me down. So I freaked and not in the right state of mind. I went to the police and made a report and said it was him because at the time is thought it was. He was arrested for strangulation in the second degree. I have told the police I messed up in my report and I was told to go to court and speak with the DA. Is there any way to get these charges dropped considering I made an honest mistake in my report? If they feel the need to charge me with falsifying a police report or something I will happily take the charge because it was my mistake. What do I do?

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Michael Breczinski
Michael Breczinski | Michael Breczinski
Talk to the Prosecutor.
Answer Applies to: Michigan
Replied: 2/5/2014
Law Office of Jeff Yeh
Law Office of Jeff Yeh | Jeff Yeh
It doesn't work like that. Prosecutors will never drop charges just because the victim has had a change of heart/story. The fact is, in 95% of all DV cases the parties reconcile, and prosecutors are well aware of this. He needs a good lawyer.
Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 2/3/2014
Fluhr & Moore, LLC | Steven S. Fluhr
Contact the DA and tell them your story. The DA will decide what to do with case.
Answer Applies to: Missouri
Replied: 2/3/2014
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