How can I get solo child custody? Posted on August 14, 2011

On July 13th 2011, I the respondent came home from work and everything that day was nice and peaceful between me the respondent, the claimant and others. We were talking about stuff and being civil in front of the children and parenting our children together. We were invited by our neighbors to hang out at their place. While being at their place things seemed fine, the claimant was drinking and I the respondent was looking after the children. We were telling stories and having a good time like civil people do. Around 1:00 am on July 14th 2011 the claimant got up in front of people in the house and started yelling at my brother and was telling him that he should get out of her house. Then she the claimant started yelling at me the respondent and was telling me the respondent that I am not allowed in the house, and she the claimant started stating that I the respondent am hitting her at home, we were all shocked about this because everything was fine 1 minute and next this. Then she the claimant stated that I the respondent have hit her now, she the claimant tried to convince some of the people to take her side but no one would. Then she the claimant grabbed the children and went home and called the police. My brother went after her the claimant to calm her down and she the claimant started being nice to him and telling him to stay with her the claimant while the police come. When the police came I the respondent have stayed away from the house so I the respondent don't make things worse. My neighbor went to the house because I the respondent was worried and told her to check on the claimant, while the police was talking to the claimant. My neighbor came back and has told me the respondent that the police have asked the claimant to leave the house and that claimants Mom is coming to get the children because the claimant was not in her right state of mind and not capable of driving or taking care of the children.

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