How can I get sole child custody? Posted on July 17, 2011

My daughter is 10 months old, she has a rare liver condition BA or Biliary Atresia, she had liver surgery at 2 months of age. Her father (we have never been married) was at the hospital for the surgery but that is the only time in her multiple hospitalizations. He threatened to take her out of the hospital the day after her surgery saying that he is on her birth certificate & no one would stop him. I told the nurses & had security called but because he did not say it in front of anyone besides myself. It became a he said/she said situation. He does not know anything about giving her medicine she takes daily, he knows nothing about what to look for if she gets sick. He sends me text messages & asks to take my baby without me beign present & until we go to custody court I will not let him take her without me. I told him he can visit her any time he likes as long as she is not sleeping & we are home. He also sends me text messages on say Thursday & asks to see her on Saturday & when Saturday comes he never shows or texts back then he claims I wont let him see her. He sends me text messages that he knows will start an argument with me, which I have stopped texting him completely because I know he will try to use that against me in court. He has visited her 13 times in 5 months. My mom & myself has seen him taking pictures of our home if he comes over & its messy (not nasty but messy usually from just returning home from being in Ohio due to one of her hospitalizations) & dishes in the sink, which are not gross only from that day, no bugs or mold growing. My family is orginally from Florida only been in this state for 2 years, & due to the lack of family support my mom, myself & my daughter want to move back to Florida, when he knew we were thinking of moving he moved there in March & lived there for about a month and a half until child support reached him & he decided to move back to WV before we had got a chance to move.

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