How can I get my record expunged? Posted on April 20, 2011

I tried to get an expunction of my record. My charges at arrest were: 89-37 unlicensed escort, 480.047 unlicensed massage therapist, 796.07(2) prostitution, 796.05 deriving supports from proceeds, court dropped all charges but 796.07 (2) this one went to the misdemeanor court. I was ultimately charged with 480.047 unlicensed massage therapist. How can I be charged with a charged that was dropped? When I went to an expungement hearing they said to fill out a motion for the judge to sign, I did, then they said it needs different wording, then I re did it. Then they said I do not have the sworn affidavit. The judge had it 15 minutes prior. Did they screw up?

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