How can I get my property replaced? Posted on May 16, 2011

I moved out of my apartment here in Oregon. I cleaned and took pictures. The apt complex kept my deposit 750.00 plus sent me a bill for 217.00 stating they had to replace the carpet due to a moisture stick test and a black light test. I asked for copies of documents from the carpet company that performed the test and they say it doesn't exist. I have been contacted by their lawyer stating that I need to research what ORS has been violated. I sent the lawyer an email stating that I have documentation showing that when I moved in I was unable to stay in the apt for the first 3 weeks because a gypsy clan lived upstairs and the apt complex told me they were sorry but the people were being evicted. I asked for a credit and never got one. I asked the lawyer to negotiate with me on the fees they were charging me and he still insists the burden of proof is my responsibility and they don't have to provide me with test results. So I am to just go on their word that the carpet was ruined? I need some advice and quick. I think I only have about a week before they send it to a collection agency.

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