How can I get my portion of an estate after a divorce in Alabama? Posted on February 12, 2011

I am a Bermudian and my ex-husband is an American. We own a house in Alabama, how can I get my portion of this estate?Divorce is final, after 15 years relationship lasted from 1986 - 2008. All I want is for him to give me whats mine. I told his girlfriend this "I dont see why you get to live in my house after I sacrifices for all these years to accomplish what I worked hard for". I hear he refinanced the house, how could he do that without my approval. I had no other choice but to leave him in the house because I didn't have the authority to stay in America and support myself. I came back to Bermuda to try and start my life over, divorce him and reclaim my life.

Where do I start?

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