How can I get my insurance company to pay for my vehicle? Posted on July 26, 2011

I got in an accident 2 months ago and it was the other drivers fault. I didnt get the insurance info at the scene of accident due to the domestic violence case that was also connected with the accident. So I went to the other drivers house and tried to get insurance info multiple times, they wouldnt give it to me. So I opened a small claims case. All of a sudden their insurance company is calling me 3 days before we have court. Well during the time it took them to contact me the towing company that had towed my car sold my car. I had to let my car go since I couldnt afford to fix it, or store it at the tow company and I didnt have anywhere to store a non working car. Well now the insurance company is saying they cannot pay me for the vehicle because they have to see it. What can I do?

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