How can I get my girlfriends child back from her grandparents? Posted on August 09, 2011

My girlfriend has a son and the grandmother and grandfather had papers written up at a law office without consent from the mother. They went to a notary and told her it was papers for social security for the mother who is disabled on the child. She was tricked into signing the papers and didnt know what she had signed. Her father lied to her and told her on the phone that it was not for custody cause they pulled a switch on the papers at the notary and showed her one page and not the page with the writing in bold print that said affidavit for adoption. I know my soon to be wife would have not written off her rights to her child. They did the same thing 13 yrs ago with her oldest son. They have been using these kids against her to collect her irs taxes for the past 13 yrs. They do her taxes and say sign this or you wont see your kids, it has her mothers bank routing number and account number on all the taxes filed under her name. Is there anything we can do to get her the children back since her mother and father are manipulative?

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