How can I get my criminal record expunged? Posted on May 25, 2011

I was convicted of 5th degree theft. I was never arrested or and offered an attorney, I never faced my accuser, there was never any evidence presented against me. I took a ticket from a slot machine at a casino where my husband and I frequent. There was no one at the machine and thought that they left it by mistake. I was unable to find the owner so I cashed it in. A man approached me claiming to be FBI telling me he had questions for me. I later found out that they weren't FBI, they were CBI. My husband and I left and went home. They then called me at home and told me they had video of me stealing the ticket and the best thing I could do was turn myself in. We went to the police station and they didnt arrest me but told me to appear in court. I did and made patyment arrangements to pay monthly until fines and restitution were paid in full. After 5 months of making payments as agreed, they suddenly decided they wanted to fingerprint me. This has branded me a thief but it was a simple mistake and now everywhere I go, people follow me around to make sure I dont take anything. My community treats me very poorly and I cant even get a job. What are my options?

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