How can I get my children back from an undocumented father? Posted on August 03, 2011

The mother is US legal resident, Mexican citizen , lived adult life in US. 31 years old. Two children , 9 and 11 , citizens born US. Father was undocumented Mexican. Lived in u.s. and fathered the two kids. Has not been seen or heard from probably 3 years, and before that had ABANDONED the family , took up with other female who made threats to the mom. the father abused ALCOHOL, DRUGS, and broke OTHER US LAWS. The mom works, is good mom and does none of that bad stuff. The father was arrested at least once for nonpayment child support. The mother last heard (letter from authorities, I think) he was arrested and to be deported. We believe he's in Mexico. I think it was his third deportation. Her most recent court document concerns child support and lists her as PRIMARY custodial. How does she go about filing for Full Custody and will it be difficult? Meanwhile she is trying to take the kids to Mexico this week to visit grandparents. Kids have passport cards secured with the primary custody document, but the airline requires Passport BOOK and the expedited Passport office wants a notarized letter from her detailing why she can't contact the father. Any tips on the letter?

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