How can I get my car back after being towed in Connecticut? 1 Answers as of January 11, 2011

If my car was towed and I did not have the money to pay for the tow, how can I get my car back?

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The answer depends on whether or not the tow was lawfully done in the first place. If it was not lawful, a complaint could be made to the police and/or the department of motor vehicles (which licenses tow operators) and if that does not result in surrender of the vehicle, an action in court called a "replevin" action can be filed. If the tow was lawful and the charges were authorized by law, the tow operator generally has a right to hold the vehicle to secure the charges. It is possible that a replevin action could still be successful, but the court would probably require some kind of security for the amounts due. If the charges are unreasonable, or if the tow company is adding storage charges despite refusing to release the vehicle, you may be able to get relief from the court.

In order to obtain release of the vehicle, you will also have to be able to prove ownership, or at least the right to possession, such as a title, registration, or lease.
Answer Applies to: Connecticut
Replied: 1/11/2011
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