How can I get money back from a used car dealer? Posted on April 13, 2011

Back in Feb., I went to a car dealership. I had a van inspected by a mechanic the mechanic said it was in good condition so I gave dealership 900.00 cash. A few days later I had problems with van, and found out it needed a transmission, an engine and various other repairs. The dealership took van back instead of honoring their 30-day warranty. I asked for a refund they refused. At this point they have their van and my 900.00. I constantly asked for my 900.00 and was told no every time. They said they would get another van for me which took nearly 30 days when I was contacted I asked for a refund again because I no longer wanted to be associated with the dealership. Again the owner refused. He told me I had to sign the contract for the replacement van or I would get nothing at all because he wasn't going to return my down payment, so on 3-17 I signed contract the next day. He said I had to pay 150.00. I asked what for, since I just got the van yesterday. He couldn't really tell me what it was for, only that I needed to pay. The second van also had a lot of problems, which also had a 30 day warranty which they would not honor. I constantly asked for a refund he refused. After I contacted the Better Business Bureau, I got a call from the owner asking how the issue could be resolved. I said I would like my 900.00 back and he said he would give me my 900.00 and let me out of the contract. When I got to his business he told me he needed to check the van for damages and test-drive it. He drove the van with me in it into his business garage locked the garage door, and went into his office. I followed after and he said he was repossessing the van and that I don't get any money. Both vans had major repair issues the first one I drove 2 days, the 2nd one I drove 4 days.

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