How can I get a lighter punishment for 2nd offense petty theft? 8 Answers as of December 23, 2012

I was first convicted of petty theft when I was 13. I had to go to court, go to a class, write a paper, and 24 hr. community service. Now I'm 17 and was caught yesterday. I was there holding his stuff while he stole it. I didn't possess anything stolen but I know I am being convicted because I didn't stop him and I was there. I know it will go on my brothers juvenile record since he's 14. He stole around $30 under $100. I believe I am facing time in jail. I’m just looking for any help or legal advice. I really don’t want to go to jail and I still want to go to college. What will my punishments be?

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Lawrence Lewis
Lawrence Lewis | Lawrence Lewis, PC
Stop lying to yourself. You are standing watching someone steal. You then hold onto the stolen items, and claim you are being convicted because you didn't stop him. You are 17, he si 14 and you watched him steal. At a minimum, you tacitly approved of the theft. More realistically, you were a con-conspirator in the theft.
Answer Applies to: Georgia
Replied: 12/23/2012
R. Jason de Groot, P.A
R. Jason de Groot, P.A | R. Jason de Groot
Get an attorney. You were offered a deferred prosecution the first time, and probably would not be offered that again.
Answer Applies to: Florida
Replied: 12/21/2012
Michael Breczinski
Michael Breczinski | Michael Breczinski
Get a lawyer. They may be able to work out something end up with no adult record. This makes a difference. What employer wants to hire a thief?
Answer Applies to: Michigan
Replied: 12/21/2012
Downing Law Firm | George E Downing. Jr.
You will not automatically be found guilty or go to jail . There are many ways your lawyer and the prosecutor may be able to have justice reached without involving jail. There are things such as pre trial intervention, bench probation , etc.
Answer Applies to: Louisiana
Replied: 12/21/2012
William L. Welch, III Attorney | William L. Welch, III
Unless you have previously been prosecuted in adult criminal court, or unless the prosecution moves to transfer jurisdiction from juvenile court to criminal Court, then your case still belongs in juvenile court. If found in the falls, the juvenile court may commit you to the Department of juvenile services until age 18, and if the department requests the commitment might be extended until age 21.
Answer Applies to: Maryland
Replied: 12/21/2012
    Law Office of Patrick Lewis, LLC | Patrick M. Lewis
    It is impossible to say given the information you have given what will happen in the end. It depends on whether you staying juvenile court or not. It also depends on any other matters on your record. Make sure you speak with an attorney in your area immediately and know when you are supposed to be in court.
    Answer Applies to: Kansas
    Replied: 12/21/2012
    Law Offices of Timothy Nilan, Prof Law Corp | Timothy Nilan
    Do not give up so easily. Hire a lawyer. Unless you confessed, you may have some good defenses. Doubtful you will get time for this.
    Answer Applies to: California
    Replied: 12/21/2012
    The Law Offices of John J. Carney Esq.
    The Law Offices of John J. Carney Esq. | John J. Carney
    You should retain a good criminal lawyer to try to get a Disorderly Conduct so that you do not get a criminal record. You must make better decisions in the future or you will not have one.
    Answer Applies to: New York
    Replied: 12/21/2012
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