How can I get custody of my child now if I am not yet divorced? Posted on July 09, 2011

Me and my wife had problems since before we married, during the first months of the marriage problems escalated and she decided to leave. At this time we lived at my parents house, she got into a fight with my mother, I had to call the cops. My wife decided to leave, she took my child and the officer said I couldn't officially do anything about it. We agreed that she could keep him as long as I can see him at least on the weekend. So far its been rough because she has a bad temper, and will hold it over my head that she is the mother and has every right to keep him and not let me see him. She lives at her parents right now, he didn't have a bed until recently and she left over a year ago, she works only part time and never has any money. I try to help her when I can but I went ahead and got my own place, established a home for my kid with his own room and everything furnished. Every once in a while she will randomly be completely mad at me because we aren't divorced yet and I won't sign some papers so she can take him out of the country. I honestly don't know what to do it really pains me to see my little boy cry when its time to go with her. I don't know what goes on in her house. Just last week she started telling him that he will get a present if she comes with her, so of course being a child he goes with her because of the bribery she does. She did agreed to let me keep him every other week until he goes to school but I asked her if this year she will place me on the list so I can pick him up and take him to school, but she won't even put me on the Emergency list. I am tired of having to fight with her just to see my child. Since we are not divorced and haven't started any kind of legal steps towards a divorce can I just do like her and keep him with me now that he is here without her being able to just come get him?

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