How can I get copies of a required post-divorce payment? Posted on January 31, 2011

I'm required to pay 50% of a monthly loan payment as a result of my divorce decree, and the loan is my ex-wife's name. I would like to receive a copy of the monthly statement, and contacted my ex to ask her to provide me with a copy each month, or to contact the loan company and add my name to the "permissions", so that I could request a copy myself. She did not/does not respond to any contact from me. I really need a copy of the monthly statement, so that I'll have record of payments made, balance remaining, and so that I can also confirm that my ex is, indeed, paying her 50% each month. I no longer have an attorney on retainer, and am wondering if I would be able to send a short letter (Pro Se) to the judge who presided over our divorce, asking for his help and suggestions. Thank you for your time and help, Jeff

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