How can I find out if small claims court is how I should handle an issue? Posted on June 27, 2011

Does it make sense to take it to small claims? I have an RV that I had a local RV company in town winterize for me back in 2008. My husband passed away at that time, so I have not used or licensed the RV since that time. I went to get it ready to sell this year and that is when I found that it was never really winterized and the water pump had never been drained. It split irrepairably and had to be replaced. I did talk to the RV company about this and they were willing to weld the tank for free. But, in talking with 3 separate welders I was told this would not be a safe fix. I didn't take it back to this same RV company to repair because they were across town and I didn't want to have to pay $200 to license the trailer just to haul it across town to their store. I took my chances taking it to another company very close to my home to have it repaired. They confirmed it had never been winterized. I am now out the $70 it cost to have it winterized when it really wasn't, and the $550 to have it repaired. The company who originally winterized it finally said they were willing to give me $100 to help with the damages but that they wouldn't pay any more than that because they would have welded it for free. Being told this wouldn't be a safe fix, I wouldn't have wanted it taken care of this way anyway. I have yet to see the $100 and I feel they should pay more. Is this something that could be taken to small claims? and would it be worth whatever costs are involved?

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