How can I file for a small claims due to damage of property in someones possession? Posted on August 08, 2011

I financed a 2008 motorcycle from the bank, during this recession I needed to recoup some money and a guy was interested in taking over payments. on 5/26/2011 we signed an agreement that he was responsible for any and all damages while in his possession and i signed one saying he could use it until it was financed....8/7/2011 I still had not received a payment for one reason or the other and kept getting the run around so decided the deal was off and I would like for him to bring me my motorcycle, I was told it was in Thomasville at first, after being asked where it was by the sheriff 30 min. later it was now back in Tallahassee then he said it didn't have enough gas in it but he could drive it over the morning of the 8th when he got gas. I was told by the sheriff that i could go pick it up and if I encountered an issue to call them. before heading over to the defendants house i called and said how much gas would i need and he said "it isn't going to run you need to bring a truck" then hung up. When I arrived the gear shifter was broke off wires were cut inline fuel filter removed and it can now be started without using a key.... do I have a case?

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