How can I fight the custody rights if the non custodial parents is not abiding to court agreement? Posted on August 06, 2011

My son has custody of my five year old grandson. The mother has him five days on and my son nine days on during school year. Summer is week on week off. She moved out of state six weeks ago which will reduce her time to every-other weekend during school year. It is now her responsibility to pick up and deliver child. She missed her second week with him but had him stay with her father here who took him to work all day with him driving a dump truck and making deliveries. The next day the father dropped him off with the babysitter my son has for him. Babysitter called because child was filthy and covered with bed-bug bites. This has been an ongoing problem at her fathers house (where mother mostly resided before move out of state) of which the mother is well aware of. Court orders from last Dec. state mother was supposed to turn over childs birth certificate and soc. sec, but never did claiming she couldn't find them. Order also states she can not change his appearance: including haircuts. Child just returned from visit with her today and has head shaved, which drastically alters appearance. What do you do with person who just does not do what they are ordered to do? This is just the tip of the iceberg concerning her past behavior. She is also famous for calling the police for any occasion.

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