How can I fight charges of possession with intent to deliver? Posted on May 24, 2011

I was asked by my manager at work to pick up a fed ex for him at a mutual friends house and bring it to work. When I picked it up I was arrested and told I was being taken to the police station. There they questioned me a lot about marijuana and if I knew what was in the package before they read me my rights. I repeatedly said I have no idea. I did however tell them who asked me to pick it up. They then charged me with possession of two pounds of marijuana with intent to deliver. I got a copy of the police report and the detective is saying I told him I admitted what was in it before I was even arrested which I did not admit to. Also anything I did answer was before my rights were even read to me. My lawyer says even if I am found guilty I will not go to state prison because it’s a third and fourth degree crime and I have a clean record and there is a presumption against incarceration. Second option please on what I should do no one else was charged.

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