How can I fight a 3rd DUI offense? Posted on July 27, 2011

This is now way beyond what I can handle. I just picked up my 3rd alcohol offense yesterday because I refused to blow. My 2nd DUI hasnt even gone through yet. I had 1 beer and 1 shot for my friends birthday. I took every precaution before driving (delaying time, sobering up 40mins per drink). Headed home and was said to have not stopped at the red light which is completely false. Passed all FST but refused the breathalyzer. Cops couldnt do anything but take me to jail, knowing I had a pending DUI. How will the prosecutor make a case out of this? Before you say I shouldnt be driving you would be correct, however I took every precaution and drank very little just to celebrate my friends birthday. I knew my limit, stopped, sobered up but when I was pulled over I didnt want to risk anything blowing into the breathalyzer.

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