How can I evict someone from my house? Posted on March 08, 2011

I let a person move into my home, not an apartment, after losing her job and then being evicted. I set specific guidelines which she agreed to but is not following. I told her this situation would be EXTREMELY short term and would not even let her move furniture in other than her bed and a few small items. She also agreed that her boyfriend would not be here very much. She has been here for 63 days, is not looking for a job, spends up to 18 hours per day sleeping. I have been asking her and telling her to move. He boyfriend is here daily and even spending a lot of nights. He takes showers here and she is washing his clothes at my expense and will not quit. I am not charging her rent at all. I told here a couple of weeks ago that I was tired of this and she needed to go now!! Later that day she texted me stating that another friend had agreed to let her move in and she would be out of my house in no more than 10 days. Yesterday was the 10th day and she has made no effort to begin the move. She now says it will be Wednesday or Thursday but still no effort to pack or move. At this point I feel she has no intentions of moving until legally forced to do so. I don't want to go the cost and duration of the eviction process. My main question is that since I have a text from her stating she would be out within 10 days and the 10 days has passed couldn’t this be an official notice from her to move and be enforceable? If I can enforce this to make her move immediately how do I do this so she will move now?

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