How can I ensure that my daughters father does not find out where we are? Posted on August 10, 2011

Her father recently got out of jail after 3 years and also is a resident of Florida. He is living with his parents. I let my daughter visit a few times. The last time she went over for a visit they refused to give her back. I immediately called police, they advised me that since there were no legal custody papers filed and if her father was at the house when I went to pick her up that legally he does not do not have to give her back to me. I found out that was out of state for a job. So I went over to their house. I ended up running out of the house with my daughter and as I was pulling away her grandparents were yelling and screaming they were going to put an Amber alert out. I called my father right away. He advised me that he was booking me a flight to New Hampshire where he resides and I could change my residency and live with him. After 6 months I could then file for custody. I did just that. However, I need to change my residency and I do not want him to locate me. My father lives in a townhouse with all utilities included in rent, and to get ID from dmv or a change of address form from post office I think will be traceable. I need something stating I live here and do not know what to do. I also want to enroll my daughter in pre-school, is it safe to do so without him locating us. I do not know how much information they can find out about me.

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