Does my sister have a valid personal injury claim against her company and coworkers? Posted on January 18, 2011

My sister has a coworker who recently stood over her (she was sitting in a chair) and continually threatened to bash her head in. There were other employees who witnessed this. He has threatened other coworkers previously and they reported him to the company owner but no actions were taken. She then filed a police report. The owner , who was not present for the incident, then called her and said that he did not threaten her and she had better not tell the cops that he did. He was not fired from his job, although the owner did agree to not schedule him to work at the same time as my sister. She asked her boss to remove his access to the computer system so that he could not see when she was working alone because he has keys to the building, but her boss refused to do so. She is to the point that she feels she needs to be on the phone with someone while she walks to the car at night because she fears for her safety. He has mentioned to coworkers, including my sister that he has a gun, brass knuckles etc. Her boss and the coworker who threatened her have had a romantic relationship in the past. Does she have a legitimist case against the company she works for creating a hostile work environment? She lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan if it makes a difference. Thanks!

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