Does my fiance still have a chance to fix papers? 1 Answers as of December 09, 2014

When he was eighteen years old his mother tried fixing papers for the family but the mom's lawyer did fraud on them and took her money and sent an order of deportation for the whole family. They deported my fiancé but he didn't know not to sign, he lived here his whole life so he came back to the US walking, he didn't know where to go. He's never lived there before ever since that time. I live in fear that they will pull me over for speeding and they will take him to jail. I have a daughter with him, he doesn't have any criminal record just that order of deportation. How can we get that removed from his records? He's been deported two other times but he signed because he didn't know he could fight his case, he thought there was no hope. I just want to know if he still can or not?

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I would have to review the file, as I don't know what kind of fraudulent papers your prior lawyer filed. Also, I need to know how the order of removal was achieved, and how many entries without inspection there were. I?m assuming by walking you mean that the fiancee entered the US without inspection. Was this the most recent entry? How many entries total?
Answer Applies to: Texas
Replied: 12/9/2014
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