Does domestic violence have to be medically proven? 1 Answers as of July 14, 2011

Does sexual penetration have to be medically proven? I know for a fact that this did not happen. I was present when the victim woke up, with no injury whatsoever. I was in between the defendant and the victim, not to mention my 2 children. How can the defendant be charged with this serious crime so carelessly?

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First and foremost, the facts presented will most likely lead to "Criminal Sexual Penetration (CSP)" (rape) charges in New Mexico. These are serious allegations and you should immediately contact a experienced criminal defense attorney licensed in New Mexico. In regards to domestic violence in NM, a criminal charge will become a domestic violence classified charge if the defendant and the alleged victim meet the criterion set forth within the New Mexico statute that deals with domestic violence. For example, if D is charged with battery and the Alleged Victim is D's long time school friend and fellow football teammate, then D would most likely be charged with battery. On the other hand, let us pretend that D again is charged with battery; however, the alleged victim is D's ex-girlfriend who has not lived with D for months but at one time D and AV had intimate relations. The State prosecutor can now charge D with domestic violence charges. D would not be charged with simple battery; but rather, Battery Against a Household Member (BHHM) a domestic violence criminal charge with more serious penalties if D is found guilty.
Answer Applies to: New Mexico
Replied: 7/14/2011
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