Does a client have a legal right to hold back a pay check for any reason? Posted on July 01, 2011

I have a security company and I do auto dealers. I have a dealer who caught the guard sleeping last night and the client deliberately set up a trap for him. Nothing was taken but the guard didn't notice they had taken off 4 back tires on the jeep wrangler. They are trying to hold the check for this past month back as they are saying we didn't fulfill the services rendered. We did for the whole month. Do they have a legal right to hold my check back when they didn't have any problems of any theft except they caught the guard sleeping and didn't notice the tires taken off? They have no problems all of this past month. And I had to pay my worker for the hours. We do this dealership on a daily basis and so if they wanted to terminate us they could have at any time. They were completely happy and we did service the account the way it should have been. Can they just deduct the night of the false theft and should they pay for the other days of the month we worked and there were no problems?

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