Do police officers have to tell you what you are being charged with before you leave the scene in Ohio? Posted on January 22, 2011

Me and my friend pulled into a party the same time the cops did and we had already been drinking. They found us in his car and gave both of us a sobriety test, and didn't tell either one of us if we failed or not just to get back in the car and call someone to pick us up. He took our IDs and ran them and gave them back to us. He wrote down our information and left us alone and told us to just wait for our ride. He did not give us a citation or anything and didn't even say we were being charged with anything just to wait for our ride. Then today the deputy called me and my friend and said we have to be at court for our charges. So I guess what I am asking is are they allowed to not tell you then just call you on the phone the next day and tell you, you are being charged.

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