Do police need search warrants to enter my house? Posted on August 04, 2011

I had cops break down my door to arrest my boyfriend who had a warrant. After he was handcuffed outside they entered my house and searched to see if I had anyone there. I asked if they had a warrant and I was told they did not have to show me anything. When they did show me the warrant it was for my boyfriend and not to search the house. The Sgt. told me that I had two options of how I wanted things to go down he said I can consent for them to search my house and they will not mess it up or he can get a warrant within minutes and they will tear my floor up and cabinets and they wont be neat about it. Also to mention that two officers pointed the gun at my 9yr and 3yr old son. My 9yr old was actually pushed by one of the officers. I feel like I was pressured into consenting for them to search my house. Now I think that my childrens right and mines were violated.

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