Do I need to hire an attorney for my granddaughter after she made a statement to police? Posted on February 27, 2011

My 11 year old granddaughter made a statement to the police that she trespassed and threw paint on the walls. She was told by one of the girls the home owner said it was alright to be in the house. My granddaughter went in and painted the carpet and threw paint on the walls. She owned up to this in a statement to the police. The ring leader was upset when my granddaughter told the police what happened. She told my granddaughter you should take the blame. The ring leader and her friend were caught coming out of the house and she had a key the owner didn't know about. The other girls had parties (they are 13 ) with boys and they are saying it is all my granddaughters' fault. Their parents have hired attorneys. Should I have faith in the fact my granddaughter told the truth or do I need an attorney for her. I am all for her being punished but I don't think it is fair for it all to be laid at her fee.

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