Do I have to refund money for something that I sold in top condition? Posted on February 02, 2011

We had a boat that was in great working order. Had a mechanic check it just two weeks before selling it. The weather outside limited the use of the boat due to the fact that it was an inboard motor which should not be run in freezing water temperatures. The boat had no warranty on it whatsoever. The new owners paid in cash. They took it out on the water (after I repeatedly advised them to wait till the water temperatures were above freezing to keep from damaging the boat) and tore the engine up. Keep advised the new owners had never owned a boat before, therefore, I was giving them helpful tips on how to use the boat successfully (we have owned 8 or more types of watercraft). They now want a full refund. After I declined their full refund because the motor was in top shape when they drove it off my land, they are threatening to sue us. I did not do anything wrong. I also do not feel that because of their lack of experience and negligence in the use of a watercraft that I should refund their money. What can I do? Thanks for your help!

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