Do I have to pay for storm damage to a house I dont have access to? Posted on April 19, 2011

My home is in Texas, the mortgage company is in Oklahoma. I am in process of a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure agreement which the mortgage company said should be completed by April 15. It is now April 19. The mortgage company inspected the property and changed the locks on the house on February 27th, 2011. On April 10, 2011, a thunderstorm damaged the house. Three broken windows and roof damage. The mortgage company is telling me I am responsible for fixing the damage. The house is still in my name because I have not received the final agreement from the mortgage company to notarize and return. I am told by the mortgage company that this is because their attorneys have not gotten the title search back. I still carry homeowners insurance in my name, but wind and hail deductible is $2,750.00. My questions are, I cannot get into the house because the company changed the locks 2 months ago, yet I am responsible to maintain the house and repair damage? I am ready to get this house out from under me. I have done everything the company wants. How can I get them to speed up this process to complete the Deed-In-Lieu? The longer it takes, the more trouble I get into with the HOA. The mortgage company told me 2 months ago to tell the HOA they would have final payment by April 15 and to get a final statement. I did that, now at April 19 I feel no closer to getting the HOA paid off than I did 2 months ago, and the final amount due only gets higher. I have not lived in the house since September, 2010. No payment has been made on the house since May 2010.

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