Do I have to pay for something I never saked for? Posted on February 20, 2011

We live on a private road that has several home owners. During a flood (Spring 2008) we lost our bridge. It was determined that the land owners that used the bridge would share the costs for a new one. From the very beginning I made it clear my wife nor I had the resources to pay our part of the bridge. Another land owner had asked us if we could borrow on our home or sell it to pay our part for the bridge. He also suggested that he loan us the money and we pay it back by the afore mentioned methods. I made it very clear that was not possible. A couple months after the bridge was completed we received a note stating that said land owner had paid our portion (16K+) of the bridge. This was in the fall of 2009. Recently this same land owner approached us asking “how we were going to pay back the money he used to pay our portion of the bridge costs?” I told him that “at no time did I ask him to pay this.” We never signed any sort of document or made any statement that could even slightly be construed as an agreement for him to pay this money. He stated he would refer the “matter to his attorney” and left. Legally, where do we stand?

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