Do I have to give the school additional medical information? Posted on May 12, 2011

I am trying to petition for an Exceptional Circumstances Withdrawal from this past semester at my college, FAU. They came back and said that they needed more medical information. So when I went to my doctor, she wrote them another letter, but also stated that according to the HIPPA laws, that I shouldn't have to give the school any more information than I already had. Now they are denying me the petition, due to not enough medical information, meanwhile I already signed a paper giving them the permission to request my medical records. Which they haven't, they just denied my request. It is important that this goes through because my schooling is important to me and it was an unfortunate incident that I underwent, which prevented me from completing this past semester. So now I am trying to appeal this decision. If they come back and say that the appeal is denied as well, what more is there that I can do? I have a lot riding on this! Please help me! Thank you for your time.

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