Do I have to cover repairs if the mechanic did not fix the problem? Posted on August 07, 2011

My jeep was put in the shop for repair on 7/15/2011, the problem was that it would not start. The repair shop charge me for a wire that lead to the started. When I picked on 7/22/2011 the jeep up it started, so I left thinking that the problem was solved. However, after stopping at a store and returning to my jeep, I turned the key and there was the same problem again, it did not start. So I called the repair shop and told the mechanic that I was having the same problem, he asked me for my location, I was in Walmart parking lot. He and a coworker came and hot wire the jeep and took it back to the shop. I asked him if I was going to have to pay more money and he said no because it was under warranty. After have my jeep since 7/22/2011, I am now told that the neutral safety switch is bad, that it keep shorting out his system. Now he is telling me I have to pay $198.00 for this part. I don't feel as thought I should have to pay anything. It's not my fault that they fix something other than fixing the problem and how do I know they replaced a wire. Please advise I have already paid the repair shop $125.00

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