Do I have rights to personal records from my employer? Posted on January 21, 2011

My employer has presented me with a coach and counseling, which is defined by our Human Resources department as training. They say this is not discipline, but could lead to discipline if I continue to do what they dislike. I have ceased the behavior, but feel bullied on two fronts. First, I am a member of a union and they told me I don't have rights to union representation since it was a "training". Keep in mind this was not approached as a training; I was corned while doing my job. I spoke to my shop steward and he says they broke contract, yet the employer told me that they believe they didn't. Second, they presented me with a document which I refused to sign until represented by my steward. I requested a copy of the document and they refused and told me I didn't have the right to see or copy the document unless I sign it. What rights do I have?

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